Is Your Cannabis too Loud? Here's how to mask those odors!

Is the odor from your cannabis too much?


One thing about stoners….you can always  smell them before you see them! That may or may not always be a good thing either. If you’re just hanging with your friends, family, or close acquaintances, it’s really not a big deal. But for the people that deal business, and interact with people throughout the day, it’s just not appropriate. Truth is I wish that I could stink up every room I walked into, but unfortunately…some crowds are tougher than others.

Being stoners ourselves during a time where cannabis is illegal at a federal level has taught us some tips and tricks on how to conceal the odor, so we’ve decided to share them with you!

  • The first one on the list is obviously a no brainer...VACUUM SEAL!!! If you are a marijuana user of any sort, medical, recreational…or both, you absolutely need a vacuum seal. I repeat….you absolutely need a vacuum seal. It’s crucial that all smokers have one, not just to seal odors, but also to keep your cannabis fresh for longer. Vacuum sealing machines do an amazing job at sealing in the odors from your dank…making you feel less self-conscious of odors when in public spaces.
  • When your buds are DANK it doesn’t even need to be burned to be pungent! Smell proof containers and stash jars are another great way of concealing odors and are more travel friendly too. These portable pieces will hold small amounts of your goods securely, and safely with minimal to no odors. The best part…stash jars are fully customizable!! We have a wide selection of stash jars, and smell proof containers, check them out!
  • If you just smoked and don’t want the odor lingering on your hair and clothes, try going outside for a half hour. UV rays neutralize odor, so try getting out to remove all that beautiful stank!


  • If you smoke indoors, air purifiers will save your life. I’m not kidding, I own like 3 of them! The air purifier will help eliminate odors in the air, and prevent accumulation of odors on your furniture, walls, etc.


  • Our last tip to mask the smell of that beautiful LOUD:

 Have you vaped yet?

If you’re a smoker, and haven’t yet tried a vape pen, you’re seriously lagging! Vaporizer Pens will change your life!! You’ll get the ultimate cannabis experience since vapes deliver cannabinoids directly to the brain within seconds, and to sweeten the pot(all pun intended)…..vapes don’t leave behind carcinogens or lingering scent. It’s also a bonus that they’re discreet, super travel friendly, and really easy to use!

The new PAX 3 lets you vape both loose-leaf flower and concentrates |  TechCrunch


The Pax 3 gives you the option to vape either Flower or Concentrate!


Leave that odor behind! There are tons of reasons why smokers would want to mask the odor of their goods, and whatever the reason, we hope you enjoyed our tips on HOW to Mask that lingering odor from your dank!!


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