Is Smoking out of a Quartz Crystal Pipe Really Beneficial?

Healing crystals have been well known for quite some time now, it’s believed that because of their geometric structure, they emit, and also synchronize, the vibrations around them. Humans are a collection of emotions, energies and vibrations, and crystal hand pipes aka quartz crystal pipes, help to calm and settle those energies and vibrations. Adding crystals to your daily routine will keep you feeling good, but combining it with energy stabilizing cannabis is the icing on the cake! With tons of options on the market today, how do you know which one is best? Let's talk about how to choose the best crystal pipe to fit your personal needs. 

Known for their energetic properties, there are different types of crystals, and each one has multiple benefits to help you feel better, break bad habits, promote emotional and physical healing, and elevate your thoughts and moods. Crystals all have varying energetic properties, which means, different crystals produce different effects on the mind and body. Taking such a powerful tool for maintaining vibrations and combining it with such a dynamic herb will provide spiritual healing, and cleansing, and will take your cannabis experience to another level. These 4 types of crystals discussed today will provide you with the elevation you are looking for!  

Let's start with our personal favorite, and the most powerful, the clear quartz crystal aka the Master Healer. It is, what one may call, the jack-of-all-trades crystal because it is often used to cleanse and alleviate all of the chakras. Quartz is the most powerful healing stone of all, emitting high vibration energies to its surroundings, leaving behind positive vibes and energy all around. The clear quartz stone will protect against negative energy, relieves pain, and will help you first get in tune to your inner self, and then elevate you to your highest self! Taking clear quartz glass and creating a hand pipe with it is extraordinary because it combines two extremely powerful healing agents, leaving you with the ultimate rewards! A clear crystal glass hand pipe will take you on a spiritual journey to elevate to your true highest self, start the trip today! 

Amethyst crystals are widely popular, and very common, however what’s not common is the profound effects that these crystals have on the human body! Some physical benefits believed to be produced by amethyst crystals are: enhancing the immune system, improving endocrine function, improving the skin's appearance, promoting digestive health, reducing headaches, and regulating hormones, just to name a few! While these are all amazing benefits, they aren’t scientifically proven, leaving some non-believers to question the authenticity of these claims. Amethyst crystals are also said to open one’s third eye, which is considered to be the gate that leads to a state of enlightenment. Crystal connoisseurs believe that the amethyst crystals can be used to enhance or sharpen spiritual visions, absorb negative energy and block electromagnetic frequencies to create a tranquil vibe in your home or space where it is being kept, leading you to an enlightened mood and energy. Combining an amethyst crystal pipe with cannabis is said to provide the ultimate awareness, and uplift you in a way like no other water pipe can! 

The zoisite crystal is another powerful healing crystal, and has been known to be used when one is facing a terminal disease, and helps support you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The zoisite crystal is a little different from and amethyst crystal because the zoisite is known to provide spiritual peace to ease the transition to death. Not only is it powerful for healing during illness and death, many people also use the zoisite crystal for supporting the reproductive system and process, from conception to birth, and promotes optimal growth and development through childhood. The zoisite has profound effects on emotions, and is said to alleviate grief, anger, hopelessness and defeat, thereby promoting positive vibes and thoughts as a foundation for healing. This is accomplished by stimulating the heart chakra, allowing you to open your mind to eternal love, happiness, appreciation, growth and vitality. The zoisite crystal is special because it will teach about healing, growth, and appreciation for life and death. It enlightens the mind to accept that death is nothing to fear, nor is it the end, and pushes you to surrender to the divine will. As a disclaimer, this crystal is, by no means, meant to provide the cure for any disease, it simply helps one cope better, and makes the process of life, sickness, and even death, a bit easier. 

Labradorite stones are as beautiful to look at, as they are powerful. Known as the stone of transformation, the labradorite symbolizes growth and change giving you the strength you need to persevere. These crystals balance and protect your aura, raise your level of consciousness, and ground your spiritual energies. During times of change comes fear and insecurities, but with a labradorite in your personal space, your faith and self-trust in the universe will banish these hurdles, allowing for a smoother transition. The labradorite stone stimulates the imagination and eases an overactive mind, making your perspective more optimistic about your future. There is also a long list of physical health benefits such as, it has been known to alleviate symptoms associated with disorders of the eyes and brain, colds, gout, high blood pressure, and aids in digestion. In addition, labradorite crystals stimulate mental acuity, relieve anxiety and stress, regulates metabolism, balances hormones and relieves menstrual tension. Check out ------, it truly is a transformational piece. 

Now that we’ve scratched the surface on the various crystals out there, and some of the amazing benefits, let’s break down the maintenance. Because these crystals are geared around energies, it's important to remember to keep your piece clean to reduce negative energies that are absorbed and to keep your pipe working just as good as when you got it! To keep your physical product in great working condition, simply use a pipe cleaner to clear out any debris or residue left behind in the mouthpiece and into the canal. Try keeping up with this at least once a week to prevent build up, and avoid your piece getting clogged. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve removed all of the gunk, run your hand pipe under warm water for a minute or two, and let dry. Stainless steel filters in your bowl will help provide a barrier between your actual pipe and the residue, so cleaning these out regularly will make life a lot easier for you and preserve the beauty of your crystal pipe. Depending on your level of usage, it’s recommended that you change your filter out at least every month to promote optimal results. Physically cleaning your piece is extremely important, but to continue utilizing the most out of your stone, you need to clear the negative energies that have built up in the crystal since these energies can actually weaken the healing power provided by your stone. In order to cleanse the negative energy in your crystal hand pipe, run your pipe under warm water for a few minutes, then lay your piece out in sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours so it can recharge. You can also use the other elements to recharge your stone, for example, place in dirt, or purified water with a small pinch of salt and let the cleansing begin (please do not apply salt or salt water to any decorative pieces as it may change the color and finish of your piece, salt should be used with extreme caution and care). 

Hope this knowledge helps, and remember to check out our list of hand pipes and other glass accessories to help uplift and enlighten you! 

Love and Light, 

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