Not your average HeadShop!

At DankCartel, we’re not your average headshop. Why? Because we’re not your average people….coming from nothing and becoming something is life altering. But no matter how far we go, we’ll never forget where we came from. Having nothing forced us to get up and hustle, so we understand the code, and we live by it, you’ll never worry about shady business over here. We’re just a small business trying to support other small businesses in the Cannabis Industry.

Dank Cartel was founded in 2017 by a couple from Orlando, Florida who knew they could create an amazing Online Headshop to cater to the small community of canna lovers like ourselves! The vision was always to cater to the customer, being frustrated customers ourselves, we can never find trendy cannabis inspired designs. Sometimes you're just in a dank mood and want to throw on a tee to express that....but where can you find those dope designs? The ones that call out to you and make you think....that's official...I need it! That's where we come in, the goal is to provide the canna community with the latest designs, and freshest drops in heady glass, cannabis designed clothing, and all the accessories you can think of!!!

With zero dollars, and a whole lot of debt, we reached our breaking point, and a daily sesh became our escape from reality to deal with the anxiety and stresses from life. Fast forward through a lot of pain and struggle, and our two-man team has now expanded, bringing our expertise in the  industry to the internet! We aim to provide you with the highest quality products at the best prices available. 

We take the time to ensure that we are offering nothing but the best water pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and other smoking tools backed by our brand.

We here at Dank Cartel are not just smoking connoisseur's we also spend lots of time handpicking our selection of Glass Pipes, Water pipe, Bubblers, Spoons, Oil and Dab Rigs, to ensure that our products are made from the highest quality glass for your best shopping experience. 

Every design we drop is also custom, we're very picky about our gear, if we wouldn't rock it, we won't drop it! So we spend loads of time designing, and creating, to bring our loyal customers the best!

Dank Cartel firmly believes in providing the best service, with the best products, brought to you by the best team. We take the time to make sure that our Apparel is trending, our Smoking accessories are dope, and our customer service is unmatched. Our love for the herb is apparent in our business, and we strongly support the Legalize Cannabis Movement. The cannabis community is very small, and we believe that as the world evolves the stigma surrounding cannabis will change. With a more accepting world will come more demand for quality Cannabis gear from a trusted brand, Dank Cartel will always aim to provide our customers with quality service!