Wide Range Selection: We offer the widest range of Bongs, Rigs, Vapes, and other Smoking Accessories with a unique variety of the latest in trending smoking apparel and gear! 

Best Prices- Our prices are very competitive and we offer discounts and promotional sales to get you the best deals on the items you love! 

Purchasing Online can be cheaper for a bunch of reasons, but a few important ones are 

As an Online Headshop, we at Dank Cartel are not required to open a physical location, which would cost us rent and utilities, and lots of other not so fun expenses. 

We keep our team small and sweet, meaning we also save on salary for our employees. More savings for us equals more savings for you! 

Dank Cartel’s goal is to deliver the best quality products at the most affordable prices to our loyal customers! We strive to continue our search for the greatest vendors that are just as passionate and driven about glass pipes and other smoking accessories as we are. We work with multiple glass companies and are still searching for new perspective's every day to fill our pages with the best and cheapest glassware possible! 

Fast reliable shipping: The worst thing is ordering something, getting all excited for it to come, and then comes the waiting period. Now depending on where you’ve placed your order from, this can be a pleasant or not so pleasant process. At Dank Cartel we try everything to ensure this process is as painless and easy as possible.    

We try our best to have all orders packaged and shipped within 3 days from the date of purchase. This does vary depending on the season, whether we have a sale going on, and around the Holidays, but we’ll keep you informed with status updates via email. You can log directly into your account to check or updates about the status of your order at anytime! 

Our team works very hard to ensure that your order is packaged as safely and securely as possible to guarantee safe delivery of your items. 

We try to keep our packaging discreet for your convenience 

Excellent Customer Service:  Our staff is trained diligently to ensure that each member on our team understands the terminology, product types, various sizes, and uses of all of our products. Rest assured when you contact someone on our team, you are reaching a cannabis expert that will help you through all of your concerns! 

Any questions or concerns regarding your order(s) or our products, please contact us @ 904 686 6243 or shoot us an email at support@dankcartel.com 

Our staff is here to serve your needs, so please feel free to contact with all inquiries, we’d be happy to point you in the right direction, or offer our expert advice to help you get exactly what you are looking for! 

We at Dank Cartel firmly believe that our team defines our business, so we do our part to ensure that we offer the best in customer service for your smoking needs! We treat all of our customers with honesty, respect, and dedication, whether you’re a Cannabis Connoisseur or a beginner in the smoker’s world, we guarantee, if you have a question, we’ve got the answer or the person who can get you the answer! 

Convenience of shopping Online: 

Yes, it’s super easy to just pop into your local grocery store, department store, toy store, pretty much any store, and grab what you want, then be on your way, right? But can stoners say the same? How many stoners can just drop into their nearest location for that dope T-shirt, or the Dab mat, or how about that Rasta Ashtray that you thought was amazing (and much needed)? Unfortunately, while the governments have “caught up” with the Cannabis Movement, the cannabis community itself is still a bit left behind. Accessing smoke products such as Bongs, Rigs, Water Pipes, and Bubblers can be quite difficult, especially when you're looking for the latest gear. Dank Cartel is your one stop shop for all your smoking accessories, with the convenience of having it delivered right to your front door! 

Quality Control (backed by a brand):  

What’s something that makes our Headshop stand out from the others? Our items are handpicked to ensure high quality products. We personally understand the importance of having the right smoking gear, so we do our best to make sure we are delivering up to par products to our customers. We only sell products that we would use ourselves, and we keep this in mind when choosing items to add to our store. We take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously! Reviews, complaints and concerns are reviewed thoroughly, and items as well as vendors are removed based off our customer’s feedback. Gain piece of mind and security by shopping from Dank Cartel, our entire store is backed by our expertise, and dedication in the field of smoking, to provide you with the best of the best!